MUSIGA encourages youth to go into hi-life music

The Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), in collaboration with the family of the late Alfred Benjamin Crentsil, has held a music concert in remembrance of the hi-life artiste with a call on the youth to venture into the genre. Mr. Bessa Simons, the President of MUSIGA, said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency during the concert that it was important for the youth and up-and-coming artistes to follow the good steps of A.B. Crentsil to project hi-life globally. Mr. Simons said the late musician used hi-life to educate and inspire people, an attribute that up-and-coming musicians must emulate to reach far in their careers. Eulogising A.B. Crentsil, he said it was important to celebrate him for his contribution to the Ghanaian music industry, adding that he was one of the greatest musicians in Ghana whose songs are relevant, educative and inspirational. He described him as an inspiration to the Ghana music industry and the members of MUSIGA and recounted his dedication to the union as one of the Vice Pre sidents who worked hard to serve musicians as well as ensured the survival of MUSIGA over the years. He said, 'A.B.Crentsil was a true musician who believed in his Ghanaian heritage and took hi-life music to the next level.' The MUSIGA President advised artistes to join the union, as his outfit has planned good programmes both locally and internationally to help them achieve their career goals. He noted that the union also provides its members with insurance, including the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), and organises training sessions for members on modern trends in the industry to help them stay relevant, in addition to helping artistes upload their music to digital platforms for proper monetization. Meanwhile, the memorial musical concert held in Tema featured many Ghanaian artists to honour A.B. Crentsil for his contribution towards the Ghana music industry by promoting Ghana's heritage and being a good example to many practicing musicians and young and upcoming artistes. Lengendary artistes such as Pat Thomas, Asabea Cropper, Naa Amanua, Smart Nkansah, Ben Brako, Uncle Ato, MOG, and many others who graced the concert performed with the Ahenefo Band, which was established by the late A. B. Crentsil in 1982. Mr. Ben Brako, a hi-life musician, recounted how the late musician was a brotherly figure for him and their activities, which were geared towards seeing the hi-life genre flourish and be well grounded in the music industry. Source: Ghana News Agency