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Mogadishu Mayor Praises The Public For Their Cooperation

Mogadishu(SONNA)- The mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Abdirahman Yarisow chaired the security meeting that included all security agencies. He praised the public for the tangible improvements that has made over the last few months.

The multi agency task force gave a briefing on the current operations and the progress made. The mayor said the task force has set up a security plan 10 months ago and tangible improvements have been made on the security situation.

The police have foiled a major potential terror attack and neutralized the threat this week; he thanked the public for being vigilant and taking extra precaution.

The mayor said the cooperation between the public and security agencies is at its best and thus it's the reason why the task force meets every day.

The mayor urged of duty security officers to identify themselves properly in order curb criminals hiding among the public

Similarly the mayor urged the vehicle owners and drivers to register and carry with them identification cards to identify them easily.

Mr Yarisow finaly reminded Mogadishu residents that they have one enemy and everyone needs to accept that fact and work with the security agencies in order for peace to prevail.

Source: Somali National News Agency