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Minster of Labor and Social Affairs Hon. Sadik Warfa presents his 100-day work achievements

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has unveiled its 100-day of work since the Minister Hon. Sadik Warfa took over.

Several awards were given to officials from the government agencies at the event that was attended by senior government officials, MPs, and Director Generals from other ministries.

Director General at the Ministry of labor and Social Affairs Mohamed Adde Mukktar said the ceremony was important since it gives the ministry to evaluate what was achieved in the 100 days under which Hon Sadik Warfa was in charge. The DG added that a lot has been achieved and it will be in the history for future reference at the ministry.

Other senior officials who attended the event including Director Generals of line ministries praised the minister on the visible accomplishments during the 100-day period.

In his speech, Hon. Sadik Warfa delivered a speech at the ceremony expressing his condolences on the attack at the ministry's headquarter that led to the loss of former deputy minister and other officials.

My appointment came at a time when the ministry was facing difficult moment after the heinous attack, we expressed our disappointment and refused to work elsewhere. Today we are here evaluating ourselves asking the big question on what we have achieved in 100 days, said Minister Warfa.

The Minister disclosed some of the accomplishments he made in the 100-days that includes;

Rebuilding the ministry and accelerating the voluntary program commonly known as Is-Xilqaan

The launch of socio-development program for employees at the ministry

After 33 years, the Somali government got its votes back at the International labor Organization (ILO)

The launch of the official market survey that will enable to produce a well-informed research on the number of unemployment in the country that will later be used as an official data.

For the first time, the National Job creation forum was held in Garowe and was attended by misters from Federal Member States (FMS)

Parliament passed its first reading of the civil service reform.

The Cabinet approved the Social protection policy

The Minister said he is making a great effort to reduce the unemployment rate in the country adding that soon he will introduce a system of awarding employees who do well after every four months.

In conclusion, Hon. Sadik Warfa presented awards and certificates to some staff of government agencies and departmental directors. Most of this awards were dedicated to staff in the field of HR-audits, Voluntary program among others.

Source: Somali National News Agency