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Ministry of public works receives a copy of NHA policy book

The ministry of public works has today received a complete copy of the policy that will guide national highway authority (NHA) in a bid to restructure and develop a proper road system in Somalia.

The meeting was organized by the ministry of public works led by the deputy minister for public works Hon. Jamal Hassan Ismail, those who were invited and were part of the handover ceremony include Director of GIZ, Representatives from EU, representatives from office of the president, ministry director general and other directors from the same minister with works related to the road network planning.

The director of GIZ Christoph Schmidt and the chairman of National highway authority Abdweli Mohamed jointly presented the draft policy which if adopted will guide the roads development in the country

The deputy minister of public works thanked the stake holders for putting in much needed effort. He said in depth consultations will follow to lay out the best method to implement the road development initiative. He adjourned the meeting after officially receiving the documents.

The national highway authority was previously under the ministry of public works and now it has been declared an independent institution to fast track the roads restructure and construction throughout the country.

Source: Somali National News Agency