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Minister of transport and civil aviation signed bilateral civil aviation agreements with Rwanda government

Rwanda(SONNA)-Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mohamed Abdullahi Omar has highly appreciated the development of the country saying that the agreement would strengthen trade between the two countries

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Omar has signed the agreement between Somalia and Rwanda while the minister of infrastructure from Rwanda signed the agreement to representing the Rwandan government.

We have today, signed bilateral civil aviation agreements with the Rwandan government. The agreement opens for direct flights between the two countries, which will boost bilateral trade between the two countries. Minister Clever Gatete and I were accompanied by the Director-General of the Somali Civil Aviation Authority Ahmed Malim and his counterpart, Silas Udahem said the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation.

Meanwhile, the Rwandan Minister of Infrastructure Clever Gatete said, the agreement was one of the hundredth summit signed by different African countries with the Rwandan government hopes to open new trade routes for the two countries.

The Somali government is making progress in the field of international air communications, with flights from Kenya, Djibouti, Turkey, Qatar, Uganda and Ethiopia arriving at Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu.

Source: Somali National News Agency