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Minister Alfano appoints new Ambassador to Niger. Italy’s committment in Sahel is enhanced

The Council of Ministers has approved, today, the appointment of a new Italian Ambassador to Niger, followingthe recent decision to set up a diplomatic mission in Niamey. The customary diplomatic procedures for the accreditation of the new Head of the Mission are in progress, subject to acceptance from Nigerien authorities.Italy is actively committed in supporting Sub-Saharan African countries in limiting and managing irregular migration flows, seeking to avoid human tragedies, and contributing to ease the migration pressure on Europe, supporting the fight against terrorism andillegal trafficking, especiallyhuman trafficking, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Angelino Alfano. Throughour Embassy in Niamey, we intend to givea decisive impetus to the relations with Niger and collaborate for peace, stability and the consolidation of the democratic process in the Sahel. region,

added the Minister.

Italy is activelyengaged in Niger throughthe Italian Development Cooperation that promotes projects focusing on food security and safety, public health and the enhancement of small entrepreneurship, with special attention toyoung and women enterpreneurs.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy.