Migration Response Centres (MRCs) East and Horn of Africa (01 January – 31 December 2020)

The Migration Response Centers (MRCs) are situated along key migration routes, where they fill critical gaps by providing direct assistance, including food and temporary shelter, information and service referrals to migrants on the move. Working collaboratively, MRCs bring together key partners to facilitate the identification of migrants in vulnerable situations, and ensure that they receive appropriate, immediate and longer-term support. Seven MRCs are currently operational in the Horn of Africa: Hargeisa and Bossaso since 2009, Djibouti since 2011, Semera and Metema since 2014, and Dire Dawa and Togochale since end of 2019, following a request from the Government of Ethiopia in August 2019. The services provided by each MRC vary based on location and needs.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only three out of seven MRCs (Bossaso, Hargeisa and Obock) continued to register migrants throughout 2020, whereas migrant registrations were gradually disrupted at the MRCs in Ethiopia (Dire Dawa, Metema, Semera and Togochale) starting from the end of March. Since then, the MRCs in Ethiopia have supported the Ethiopian Government by providing assistance at the quarantine facilities as well as to returnees and stranded migrants.


Source: International Organization for Migration

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