Lushan Mountain Scenic Area: First Stop of Major Media Tour to Transform Jiangxi Province into Leading Travel Destination

LUSHAN, China, Dec. 12, 2013 / PRNewswire — On November 23, the major media tour, “Beautiful China – Central News Media Focus: Transforming Jiangxi into a Leading Travel Destination,” co-hosted by China Tourism News and the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Administration, was launched in Lushan Mountain scenic area, Jiangxi province. During the subsequent week, an interview group conducted field interviews at major scenic spots across the province, with a focus on building Jiangxi into a leading travel destination.

At the launch ceremony, Wang Xiaofeng, director of the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Administration, said that over the recent years Jiangxi has already achieved fruitful results from the promoting of its tourism brand “The Landscape in Jiangxi Is Beyond Compare,” through the further enrichment of its already rich tourism resources and the upgrading of tourist accommodations. The provincial commission and government of Jiangxi have recently issued guidelines on how to better facilitate building Jiangxi into a leading travel destination with a chief focus on green development. The guidelines explicitly propose to transform the development model of the tourism industry by breaking its dependency on a ticket-driven economic model, and by doing so, to fully transform the industry itself as part of the goal to build the province into a major destination in China.

To better increase the public awareness of the “Beautiful China” tour, China Tourism News planned and hosted a series of events including field interviews, popularity of destination polls, forums as well as photography and essay competitions will provide additional visibility to the picturesque tourism destinations and itineraries across the country, clearly demonstrating tourism’s contributions to China. As part of the activities, the field interviews segment will invite China’s major media outlets including CCTV, well-known bloggers, tourism veterans and renowned authors who will conduct interviews at the most impressive scenic sites across China in a move to help the public get a closer look at some of the most magical scenery and landscapes found across the whole of the country via the fantastic and charming photos and essays. In addition, popular tourism destinations and itineraries that best embody China’s beauty will be selected at the end of this year via public elections and announced during the 3rd annual China Tourism Industry Development Conference next January.

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