Lower House MP Mohamed Borow passes away in Mogadishu

Mogadishu Lower House lawmaker Mohamed Mursal Borow has passed away last night in the capital Mogadishu over ill, his family confirmed to state media.

Speaker for House of People Sheikh Adan Mohamed Noor [Madoobe] extended his condolences to public and the late parliamentarian’s relatives.

“On behalf of myself, parliament leadership and MPs, I offer my condolences on the tragic death of our brother, the late Mohamed Mursal Borow. He was a legend of his time who worked the most for his people and our country,” Madobe said in statement.

Borow who survived terror attack on September, 15, 2022 hailed from SouthWest regional state. He won second term in office after re-electing in Baydhabo city on Jan 19, 2022.


Source: Somali National News Agency