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Lack of Enforcement of Construction Safety Laws Cause of Accidents

Addis Ababa Limitations in enforcing construction safety laws are the causes of horrific accidents on workers in Addis Ababa, study revealed.

The study conducted by Addis Ababa City Construction Bureau and Ethiopian News Agency is an eye-opener that will be followed by other researches, it was pointed out.

Representative of Addis Ababa City Construction Bureau Head, Demelash Kebede told journalists on the occasion that organized data of the occupational hazards could not be accessed as they are not available.

According to him, lack of enforcement of laws related to construction by stakeholders has contributed to the accidents.

Demelash disclosed that the bureau has prepared a draft occupational health and safety services regulation.

One of the researchers, Dagim Mersha, stated that there is limited information on construction safety and occupational health services in workplaces.

There is limitation in systematically recording and reporting deaths and injuries caused during construction, he added.

The existing laws in relation to construction safety are comprehensive, but there are limitations in implementing the laws and regulations.

Stakeholders need to work in cooperation to minimize construction risks, he recommended.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency