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NAIROBI, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has called on the European Union (EU) to provide more support to the African Union (AU) Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), saying that the continued presence of al-Shabaab militants in that country endangers global and regional stability.

Stressing the important for the world to support AMISOM, he urged the EU to increase its support for AMISOM forces fighting the terrorist group which threatens to undermine governance and economic opportunity.

More can be achieved if the African Union Mission to Somalia becomes even more effective. The region's and the world's fight against Al-Shabaab in Somalia is one of the front-lines between stability and chaotic insecurity, he said when opening the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre here Monday.

I urge the European Parliamentarians present to push for the change we all want to see, by insisting on bolder investment in security in the Horn of Africa and into AMISOM, said the President.

He added that there was much that ACP (African, Caribbean and pacific) countries and Europe can learn from Kenya and contribute to the work to ensure young people are not exploited by the cynical actors who utilize conflict and violence for their own political and economic ends.

The president said Kenya had pioneered an all-of-government strategy to prevent extremism, reduce radicalization, provide rehabilitation, and to disengage from terrorist groups. He said the government had also prioritised policies and investments to ensure that demographic growth turned into an opportunity and not a threat.

Our core motivation in making all of these investments, and keeping our foot to the pedal, is to ensure that there will be decent jobs for every Kenyan who wants to work, he added.

The Head of State said Kenya is convinced that it is through industrialization that developing countries can create and sustain sufficient jobs for the youth and urged the ACP-EU legislators attending the conference to ensure that global trade rules favoured developing countries.

t is increased investment in the developing countries that will create the jobs for our young populations, the prosperity for our countries, and generate the revenues our governments need to give a helping hand to the most vulnerable, he said, adding that global peace would be fostered when the most vulnerable were empowered.