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NAIROBI, May 3 (NNN-KBC) -- President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed confidence that closer partnership between Kenya and Somalia will enable the two countries to overcome terrorism and other challenges facing them.

Saying he is particularly keen to see more co-ordination between the two countries in promoting peace, he adds: I want to assure President Mohamed (Abdullahi Mohamed of Somalia) that he has a friend here. I like his approach of prioritizing security and we will work together in this."

President Kenyatta was speaking at State House Nairobi Tuesday when the outgoing Somali Ambassador, Gamal Mohamed Hassan, paid a farewell call on him. Ambassador Hassan has been appointed a Cabinet minister in the new Federal government of neighbouring Somalia.

President Kenyatta said he was also keen to work with his Somali counterpart in encouraging formal trade between Kenya and Somalia. I look forward to opening one border post, either at Liboi or Mandera, with President Mohamed to encourage the people of our two countries to carry out legal trade. We need to work together to formalize the cross-border movement of our people, he added.

He said the two countries would be holding regular high-level meetings to enhance their co-operation, saying" Somalia's problem is our also our problem."

Hassan thanked President Kenyatta and the people of Kenya for making his tour of duty successful. -- NNN-KBC

Source: NAM News Network