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AMMAN,--President and members of the Jordan Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (JIACC) were sworn in on Sunday before King Abdullah II.

A Royal Decree was issued last Wednesday appointing Mohammad Allaf as the president of the commission, with Abdul Hadi Alawin, Iyad Qudah, Burhan Akroush and Maisoun Qaisi as board member.

During the meeting, which was attended by Prime Minister Hani Mulki, the King urged the commission to exert further efforts with specific plans to enhance good governance and the principles of justice, integrity, accountability, good performance, as well as combating corruption.

The King stressed the importance of fighting wasta, nepotism, the violation of the law and the rights of others, and taking all necessary measures to address them.

King Abdullah urged the commission to activate the Integrity Law in coordination with concerned government departments in order to increase citizens' trust in the JIACC as a national institutions that is keen to enhance integrity and fight corruption.

He said the commission should be open to all departments and segments of the society, stressing the importance of familiarizing citizens, the media, monitoring departments as well as civil society institutions with the outcome of the JIACC's work.

Prime Minister Hani Mulki voiced the government's readiness to support the JIACC in line with the Royal vision for the comprehensive reform process adopted by Jordan.

Source: Name News Network