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Jordan: UNHCR Operational Update, April 2019

3,814 patients were received in Rukban clinic on the North East border, with 83 referrals to Jordanian hospitals.

The Jordanian Government announced a roll-back on the policy of increased healthcare costs for Syrian refugees.

UNHCR launched the 2019 Vulnerability Assessment Framework (VAF) for Syrian refugees in Jordan in collaboration with ILO and ACF-UK.

756,551 Refugees in Jordan as of 30 April 2019

84,7% Refugees living outside camps in urban areas

16.3% Refugees living in three camps in Jordan � Azraq, Zaatari and The Emirati Jordanian


As part of community outreach, UNHCR runs 42 mobile helpdesks across the country where refugees are able to approach UNHCR with any legal or protection issues they may have � they can also approach our registration centre in Amman. During March 2019, a total of 1219 families were assisted with issues ranging from lack of cash assistance, gender-based violence, regularization of status and resettlement.

UNHCR Jordan has one of the largest refugee helplines in the world. In April, the Helpline answered over 284,426 calls while only 1,763 calls while only 1,763 calls were abandoned. Since its inception in 2008, UNHCR staff on the helpline have responded to over 3 million calls, giving support and advice on a range of issues to refugees across the Kingdom. Calls mainly regarded the following issues: Basic Needs Assistance, including Cash Assistance (80%), Registration (11%), Resettlement (5%) and other issues (4%). The system uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, where automated information is delivered on key topics, while 14 dedicated staff are available for emergency calls.

In March 2019, UNHCR provided counselling to 453 beneficiaries at UNHCR's registration centre in Amman. UNHCR also assessed 72 vulnerable cases of various nationalities (Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni, Sudanese, and Somali etc.) concerning their eligibility for Urgent Cash Assistance (UCA). 24 cases for the UCA were approved.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees