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AMMAN,- Jordan's King Abdullah II, on Sunday, received a letter from Prime Minister Hani al-Mulki highlighting the government's executive program which reflects the royal letter of designation.

In his letter, the prime minister said his government will extend the necessary support to the Independent Elections Commission to help it hold transparent and fair elections in the coming period and stressed that the government's support will focus on encouraging high voter turnout among other things.

Al-Mulki emphasized that his government will also seek to boost development efforts in the Badia region and address poverty nationwide.

In this context, he said his government will do its utmost to spur economic growth and help young entrepreneurs launch small and medium-sized enterprises to combat the poverty and unemployment problems.

The prime minister indicated that the government will work to bring in investments and draw up an investment scheme for each government, adding that the new investment law will be fully enforced to facilitate everything an investor needs.

The government will visit regulations governing the real estate sector in a bid to remove all obstacles to Jordanian and non-Jordanian investors in this key sector, Al-Mulki said.

He announced that the Social Security Corporation will start to provide loans to retirees in order to help them kick-start productive projects.

The prime minister indicated that his government will start to reform the higher education sector and revisit admission criteria and set indicators to gauge universities' performance.

He pledged that the government will provide all forms of support to the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and country's security agencies to maintain the security and stability which the Kingdom enjoys.

Al-Mulki said that Jordan will continue to work with other regional countries to find political solutions tom crises affecting some of the region's countries especially in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya.

Source: Name News Network