Jehovah Witnesses invite public to special events, free literature during Games

Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide have launched a special campaign to invite the public to two special international events.

On Sunday, March 24, 2024, Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world will observe the Memorial of Jesus’ Death.

The annual observance of the Lord’s Evening Meal will feature a talk highlighting the significance of Jesus’ death and what it means for all of mankind.

Before the Memorial, a special talk titled, ‘The Resurrection-Victory over Death!’, was delivered at all Kingdom Halls of Jehovah Witnesses worldwide on March 16 and 17, 2024.

This was disclosed in an interview with Mr Daniel Adashie, of the Public Information Desk at the Ghana Branch of Jehovah Witness, in Accra.

He noted that the 30-minute Bible-based public talk focused on the scriptural hope of the resurrection and what it means for the lost loved ones.

‘Admission to special talk was free and open to the public, and so is the Memorial,’ Mr Adashie said.

He said over 1000 of Jehovah’s have volunteered to offer free literatur
e and share the Bible’s message with visitors of the All Africa Games, being held in Ghana.

‘We are keen to use opportunities such as these games to share a positive message which fosters true unity and wellbeing for all,’ Mr Adashie said.

He recalled that, ‘during recent major events such as the Winter Olympics in Korea and the Super Bowl in the U.S.A., many Witness volunteers shared in a similar programme which added positively to the atmosphere of the games.

‘We’re confident that this local initiative will also add positively to the ongoing All Africa games,’ Mr Adashie said.

Source: Ghana News Agency