Japan Pledges to Continue Humanitarian, Development Cooperation with Ethiopia

Japan will continue its humanitarian assistance and development cooperation with Ethiopia, according to Ambassador Ito Takako.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Takako said her country will extend assistance to the first batch of rehabilitation in the north to support the efforts being made by the government of Ethiopia.

"We are also waiting for information regarding the UN Basket Fund. Then we will be able to collaborate and contribute to the humanitarian assistance including for Borena, which is affected by drought," she added.

According to Takako, financial contribution through the UN Basket Fund is one of the things that the Government of Japan will do to support the efforts of rehabilitation and reconstruction in the northern part of the country.

The ambassador further pointed out that the Government of Japan will have to think what it can do in terms of development, helping the people at the grass root level. "Those are the things we are also considering."

She elaborated that the social sectors, including education and health, are also important areas that Japan is emphasizing in development cooperation with Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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