International Panel at DDW Discusses Radiofrequency (RF) Treatment for GERD – Stretta Therapy

NORWALK, Connecticut, June 3, 2014 / PRNewswire — An international multi-disciplinary panel of leading gastroenterologists and surgeons addressed the role of Stretta® in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) on May 5 at Digestive Disease Week 2014. The panel, consisting of nine GERD experts, discussed the findings of an international consensus statement on the use of Stretta therapy in GERD treatment.

Stretta%20therapy%20delivers%20low%20power International Panel at DDW Discusses Radiofrequency (RF) Treatment for GERD – Stretta Therapy

Stretta therapy delivers low power, low temperature radiofrequency energy to remodel the valve known as the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach. Stretta reduces or eliminates regurgitation of stomach contents by improving muscle tone and reducing random openings of the LES that are known to cause GERD. Stretta treatment results in elimination or significant reductions of GERD symptoms and medication use, and significant improvement in patient quality of life.

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The panel was moderated by Professor Jan Tack, from Leuven, Belgium, and included the following participants:

  • Professor Mohammed Al Quaiz, MD, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Professor Serhat Bor, MD, Izmir, Turkey
  • Kenneth Chang, MD, Irvine, CA
  • Professor Guido Costamagna, MD, Rome, Italy
  • Brian Dunkin, MD, Houston TX
  • Ronnie Fass, MD, Cleveland, OH
  • Mark Noar, MD, Towson, MD
  • George Triadafilopoulos, MD, Stanford, CA

Hosted by Mederi Therapeutics, manufacturer of Stretta, the presentation addressed several key findings, related to GERD treatments and the Stretta procedure. Findings included:

Symptom control is the primary outcome goal of GERD treatments.
It was agreed that control of symptoms should be any GERD treatment’s primary outcome goal. Participants concurred that esophageal acid exposure reduction was important, but the consensus was that control of symptoms is most important for the patient. Dr. Fass “absolutely” agreed with this position. “Patients show up because they have symptoms, and when they leave they want to hear that we’ve improved their symptoms.” Dr. Triadafilopoulos also observed that data show pH normalization does not always happen with PPI therapy, even when such therapy renders the patients asymptomatic.

Stretta improves patient quality of life.
Reaching unanimous agreement, the panelists discussed the strong scientific data on the effectiveness of Stretta. Dr. Noar noted that in his recently published 10-year Stretta study, patients experienced long term improvements in quality of life and medication scores.

Professor Al Quaiz shared his own experience as a patient with chronic GERD. His symptoms, which were unresolved with medications were “a nightmare.” He had a Stretta two years ago, and asserted that undergoing Stretta was “life changing,” dramatically improving his quality of life, something he also sees in his Stretta patients.

Stretta fulfills an unmet need in GERD treatment.
Dr. Dunkin noted that, “As a surgeon, I enjoy the concept of continuum of care,” and observed that Stretta filled the role of middle therapy, between medication and surgery, allowing a physician to proceed to more invasive treatment measures if necessary.

Stretta is safe and not technically challenging.
The panel agreed on these points, noting the current system provides additional safety features with easy-to-follow steps. They also agreed that Stretta has an “excellent safety record.” Dr. Chang observed that of all GERD procedures, he considered Stretta to be the safest.

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Stretta is a minimally invasive treatment for GERD that involves delivery of RF energy, and is a safe and effective alternative to long-term medications or surgery.

Mederi Therapeutics manufactures Stretta and Secca – innovative devices that use RF energy to treat digestive diseases. Mederi therapies are available worldwide.

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