Innovation Africa Digital Summit to be Held in Addis Ababa

The International African Innovation Digital Conference will be held in Addis Ababa in mid-June, according to Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

The Summit, organized by Ethiopia's Ministry of Innovation and Technology in collaboration with Extensia Limited, will be held on June 14 and 15, 2023 in Addis Ababa.

Innovation and Technology Minister, Belete Mola, has received the leaders of Extensia Limited in his office and discussed on the issue.

Ethiopia holds the African Innovation Digital Summit every year. Preparations are being made to successfully hold the conference this year too.

Topics related to digital economy will be discussed and many related platforms will also be held on the sideline of the summit, according to the minister.

This conference will not only contribute to the success of the Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy, but it will also enable investors and intellectuals across the globe to meet, work together, share experiences and exchange ideas, he said.

The conference will also contribute to the development of the tourism sector in Ethiopia by promoting the attractions to visitors, Belete added.

The conference will provide good opportunity to show the guests coming from abroad to see how Ethiopia is the home of the origin of humanity, the hospitality of our people, the history and our cultural values, he said.

At the conference there will be a panel discussion on digital Ethiopia, policies and digital maps as well as about Ethiopia's journey on digital economy, digital education and creativity, innovations, trade and investment models.

The topic of the panel also includes access to digital technology all over Ethiopia, especially in rural communities, expansion of infrastructure and broadband services, digital investment and wealth creation.

More than 300 ministers from different African and European countries, leaders, industry owners, enterprises that have created jobs and wealth in the fields of digitalization and innovation, and technology companies and professionals are expected to attend the summit.

The event will give an opportunity for companies and investors who are internationally experienced in the field of technology and telecommunication to come to our country and contribute, the minister stated.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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