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Improved services at Banaadir Hospital

The government of Somalia through the ministry of health took over the administration of Banaadir hospital 6 months ago in a bid to restore the institution to its former glory. It was faced with series of challenges and the intended public could not benefit as required. The ministry of health has appointed a board that will manage the affairs of the troubled institution led by a director.

Through the efforts of the new administration there has been a sharp rise in the number of patients visiting the hospital. Patients reported changes in service and sufficiency.

The ministry of health has set milestones to achieve its vision which is affordable health care. Majority of the population in Somalia are poor and can not afford private hospitals and treatment outside the country. The government has pledged improved and affordable healthcare and this is a major step in that direction.

The ministry announced plans to expand the functionality of the hospital by adding a dialysis department to the hospital which will be free. Kidney patients in the country are currently paying a fortune in private hospitals and those who can not afford are faced with difficult situation.

The ministry announced that it will launch blood bank in the recent days in order to boost government provided services and to ease access to such vital services.

The ministry urged the public to take part in restoring public services. There is minimum to none number of social amenities operating in the country and the government wants change that concept. With the help of business community and well wishers the service can reach new standard

Source: Somali National News Agency