Heritage Month: Sunyani men abhor ‘makeups’, prefer black beauty ?

Some men in Sunyani, the Bono Regional capital on Wednesday, expressed abhorrence about the practice of contemporary Ghanaian women who use ‘makeups’ to beautify their bodies.

They said they preferred a ‘typical black beauty’ that portrayed the real identity, dignity, and image of an indigenous and industrious Ghanaian woman. ?

As the nation observes Ghana Heritage Month, the men observed that much as artificial beauty and body enhancements made women attractive, such a practice adulterated the Ghanaian culture and smeared the distinctive beauty of the African woman.

According to them, the use of eyelashes, artificial nails, and body enhancement therapies was not only alien to the typical Ghanaian culture but undermined the dignity and beauty of indigenous Ghanaian women.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Sunyani, the men, therefore, advised Ghanaian women to ‘cherish’ and maintain their ‘black African beauty’ which reflected the true identity of the African woman.

Mr Fred Amponsah, a t
eacher, noted that women who put on body makeups and artificial beauty might appear attractive to others, but they robbed themselves of ‘the typical African beauty that tells the story of the real African woman.’

Besides the health implications and side effects, Mr Stephen Ansu, a shopkeeper at the Sunyani Central Business District (CBD) observed that women who wear body makeups had ‘no dignity in the typical Ghanaian society.’

He reminded women that the Ghanaian culture and tradition frowned on the use of eyelashes and artificial nails to beautify the body, saying ‘Society sees and regards women who do that in excess as aliens without culture and identity.’

Meanwhile, female students have justified and endorsed the use of body makeups, saying such practice plays an essential role in contemporary fashion.

Highlighting the contributions of artificial nails, eyelashes and wigs towards advancing fashion, the women said the use of the body makeups better depicted the personality of women.

Besides, artificial
beauty such as wearing nails, fixed broken, damaged, short and beautified unattractive nail appearances, Joyce Esi, a student stated.

‘Eyelashes and wearing of wigs make you look classy and presentable,’ another student, indicated.

Source: Ghana News Agency