Heritage Christian College launches scholarship endowment fund to support students

To make quality education accessible to all, Heritage Christian College University (HCCU), has launched a Scholarship Endowment Fund to cater for needy, physically challenged, but brilliant students, with the aim of becoming innovative individuals in the country.

The main objective of the fund was to provide financial assistance to less privileged students and those from underserved families and communities and to attract and retain high-calibre academic and administrative staff.

The University targets to invest GHc20,000,000 as a pre-start to invest in currently continuing brilliant and innovative students.

At the lunch, invited dignitaries and participants donated almost half of the targeted amount.

Dr Victor Boadu, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, said scrapping fees had become a challenge for the smooth running of the University due to the rapid increase of needy but brilliant students, hence, there was a need to create a scholarship fund to serve as an investment for students and the future.

'The fund was to promote academic excellence, morality and service through teaching and research with a Christian worldview,' he said.

He called on all churches, non-state bodies, and non-governmental organisations to support investment in students through this scholarship endowment fund.

'Investing in a student's education is an investment for the society and country for economic growth', he added.

He suggested that stakeholders, who wish to support can adopt students and pay their tuition for their four years stay on campus, 'this would impact students, families and society in general.'

However, the University has bursary scholarships as well as sponsorship options for departmental and full scholarships.

Professor Williams Atuilik, Vice President, and Provost of HCCU said hardship should not be a handicap for people who are endowed with talent and skills to progress, therefore, the need for the fund was important.

He said the University sought to educate entrepreneurial ethical leaders but sometimes students are faced with financial challenges, hence, through this endowment fund, less privileged students would be supported.

He said the University would reach out to other institutions like churches, hospitals, agencies, individuals, corporate bodies, and private sectors to be able to reach the target as a starting point for the scholarship to be enrolled.

He encouraged students to learn hard to be enrolled on the scholarship fund for quality education.

'The University teaches professionalism, and Christian moral values to nurture students' behaviour in a Godly manner,' he added.

Dignitaries present at the launch commended the leadership of the University for the efforts of championing quality education in the country and called on all to endeavour to support the endowment fund to enable more students to benefit and access quality education.

Source: Ghana News Agency