Great Ethiopian Run Instrumental to Promote Tourism, Investment : World Figure Athletes

Addis Ababa: The Great Ethiopian Run 2023, held in the vibrant capital of Addis Ababa on November 19, 2023, drawing over 45,000 participants, was a beacon of athletic excellence, economic empowerment, and international camaraderie, legendary World athletics figures and an ambassador stated.

Sunday’s race, which attracted participants from several countries and international institutions, garnered praise from prominent figures in the world of sports and diplomacy, highlighting its multifaceted impact on Ethiopia and beyond.

Ethiopian athletics legend Haile Gebreselasie hailed the Great Ethiopian Run which attracts people from all walks of life as a crucial catalyst for the growth and development of athletics and the economy in Ethiopia.

According to him, many Ethiopians, embassies, NGOs, and people from other international institutions participated in the race.

“The event attracts investment for our country. When over 45,000 people run here, it shows how Ethiopia is capable to organizing such a race in Add
is Ababa and also attracts foreigners to run or visit as tourists,” Haile said.

“But I see its importance more in relation to the athletes. We will use the race to develop our athletics,’ he underscored.

Thus, the Great Ethiopian Run is a lifeline for athletics, tourism, investment, and the economy in Ethiopia, he stressed.

Haile believes the Great Ethiopian Run in collaboration with government institutions have the capabilities to organize world-class athletics events.

“We are perfect organizers. We can host global athletics events.”

British TV commentator on athletics Tim Hutchings, impressed by the professional organization and scale of the event, echoed Haile’s sentiments on its importance to athletics in the country and beyond.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency