GRA to work with charging entities to refund wrongful E-levy charges to customers

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has assured customers that it would work with charging entities to refund their Electronic levy (E-Levy) charges deducted during the recent internet disruptions.

The recent disruptions in internet connectivity in the country led to wrongful charging of E-Levy by some charging entities.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra said the wrongful deductions were caused by charging entities not being able to route transactions to the Electronic Transfer Levy Management and Assurance System (ELMAS) in real-time.

However, it said the Authority would work closely with charging entities to ensure a smooth and efficient process for handling offline transactions and reimbursing wrongful deductions.

It said charging entities would be responsible for reimbursing customers for any E-Levy charges that were incorrectly applied after GRA completed its processes on refund requests.

It said the Authority had established temporary procedures for processing offline transactions.

These temporary procedures will ensure that E-Levy is charged only on applicable transactions, even if there is a delay due to internet outage,’ it said.

Source: Ghana News Agency