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Government To Renovate Abdullahi Isse Football Ground

Mogadishu(SONNA)- The prime minister of Somalia worked out with the youth of Galkayo at Abdullahi Isse Football ground. After the training session he met with a section of the youth and discussed with them the challenges they are facing.

The youth informed the prime minister that they need a standard football ground where they can nature their talents, they need the ground for their sporting activities and recreation.

The prime minister stated the importance of the particular football ground that was named after the former prime minister of Somalia Mr. Abdullahi Isse who was a member of Somali youth league (SYL) and a freedom fighter. He promised that his administration will take part in the reconstruction of the stadium, he pledged USD 150,000 that will be used to renovate the said stadium.

The Government of Somalia has big 4 agenda, among them is the social development agenda. One of the key millstones in the social development agenda is to address the needs of the youth who constitute majority of the population.

Source: Somali National News Agency