GES Director calls for urgent steps to secure school lands at Nabdam

Madam Mary Magdalene Wompakeah, the Nabdam District Director of Education, has called on major stakeholders to work together to secure lands belonging to schools in the district.

She said most school lands in the district were being encroached upon and the Directorate was finding it difficult to handle such issues.

She appealed to the two paramount chiefs, sub-chiefs and the District Assembly to address the challenge.

‘I wish to make a special appeal to the two paramount chiefs in the district and the district chief executive to make frantic efforts to get all school lands demarcated and documented,’ she stated.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Madam Wompakeah said such a move would help the Directorate to have a better plan for the expansion of the schools in future, to provide access to the growing population.

She emphasised that the district was growing and some of the schools would have to be expanded to provide access to education, however, the encroachment would hinder the expansion and
progress of the schools if not tackled immediately.

The district had only one public senior high school, and given the growing number of students being produced at the basic school level every year, there was the need for an additional second-cycle institution in the form of a technical or vocational school to train the youth, the Director noted.

That would afford the youth the opportunity to acquire employable skills and contribute to national development while reducing social vices.

‘I want to again make a passionate appeal to the government to absorb the Sakoti Methodist Senior High Technical School and furnish it with the necessary logistics to put the building to proper use,’ she added.

Source: Ghana News Agency