FGS, FMS and Banadir Regional Administration meeting concludes in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, The Consultation meeting between the FGS and FMS and Banadir Regional Administration (BRA) has been concluded in Mogadishu from 26-28 September 2022.

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Government of Somalia organized this meeting chaired by the FGS minister, H.E. Daud Aweis Jama joined by the ministers of Information from the Federal Member States and the Media and Communication Director of Banadir Regional Administration, Director Generals from all ministries, Section directors and senior advisors of the FGS Ministry of Information.

The agenda in discussion in the three-day meeting included:

1.Reviewing the previous agreements in Mogadishu and Garowe from 2017 to 2019 and discussing the way forward in the implementation of previous agreements.

2.The priorities of the two-level Ministries of Information.

3.Collaboration on the preventing violent extremism and awareness relating to the droughts.

4.Working together on the capacity building and development of the departments of Information, Culture and Tourism.

5.Establishing the unified Production Centre for the Media in Somalia.

6.Unifying messages on fighting terrorism.

After a lengthy debate and discussion, the ministers agreed on the following points:

1.With the country in the mood of fighting the terrorists, the ministries of Information of the FGS and FMS, work together closely on the awareness raising in fighting al-Shabab to end terrorism in Somalia.

2.That the ministries of Information closely collaborate with the country’s religious leaders and the ministries of religion on the strengthening of the awareness campaigns to counter the wrong religious ideology of the terrorist group and raise the public awareness on the youth misbehaviors such as drug use and other misconducts.

3.That the ministry set the national plan for the public awareness based on fighting the terrorism ideology, building the public trust, encouraging the national army engaged in the fighting to end terrorism in Somalia.

4.That the Government Media give priority on the promotion and strengthening the coverage of the news and information concerning the droughts and building the resilience and resistance during the droughts.

5.That for the purposes of strengthening the collaboration, the ministries nominate representatives from the Ministries of Information who would permanently work on the development of the relationship of the ministries. And to produce weekly programs on the Federal Member States and Banadir Regional Administration.

6.Having agreed on the importance re-enforcing the public awareness for the youth, the ministers concurred to escalate programs to discourage the youth from migration, tribalism, drug use and bad behaviors which contradict Islamic culture.

7.That the ministries work closely together on the development of Somali Media, while increasing the trainings and opportunities to stimulate the national media in the implementation of their mandate and responsibilities.

8.During the meeting, the participants commemorated the International Day of Tourism, and after a lengthy debate concurred to collaborate on the revival of tourism locations in Somalia in order to attract local, diaspora and international tourists.

9.That the ministries collaborate on the training of Somali Journalists, the arts group and the tourism staff. In order to ensure that a committee has been established led by the Director Generals and include the Director of FMS relations and Director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism of the FGS.

10.That the Ministries organize extensive Somali Culture and Arts Exhibitions to be led by the National Band, Waberi who would be visiting the States to increase the public awareness on issues concerning the Somali people.

11.That the ministries establish and operationalize the Government Communications Office (GCO) which has a great importance to unify government messages including fighting terrorism.

12.The ministers have particularly showed their appreciation to the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Government of Somalia, H.E. Daud Aweis Jama for organizing such a fruitful conference at this time when the country is fighting terrorism.

13.Finally, the Ministers have unanimously agreed to convene the next meeting in the capital of Southwest State of Somalia after six months when the next review of the agreements will be discussed.


Source: Somali National News Agency