Federal Government of Somalia’s Weekly Briefing

Federal Government of Somalia's Weekly Briefing:- 1- President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said that the Federal Government of Somalia has taken measures against corruption and is starting a national plan to protect the public trust. 2- President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called on the leaders of the Puntland State of Somalia to consider the wishes of the people and listen to the advice of politicians and local traditional elders, in order to implement an inclusive political process. 3- The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, His Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, met a Sudanese envoy Ambassador Dafallah Al-Haji Ali, and has once again reiterated Somalia's stand of supporting IGAD, the African Union and the United Nations' call of the need to the urgent end of the conflict in Sudan and find a peaceful solution. 4- Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre participated in an event held at an open square in the district of Kaaraan to raise public confidence in working with the military in their operations against the Kharijites Al Shabab. 5- Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre presented awards to citizens who participated in stabilizing the capital and preventing terrorist plots. 6- Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre has called Puntland leaders not to politicize development, humanitarian and national interest works, urging inclusive and consensual decisions in Puntland's political process. 7- Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre has said that the FGS is committed to building effective national institutions that are capable and efficient. The Prime Minister was speaking at an event celebrating the European Union Day, praising the EU's support for Somalia. 8- The Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama, inaugurated the Forum for Cooperation in the Development of Somalia and the International Community. 9- The Cabinet of the Federal Government of Somalia says that 70% of the attacks and crimes committed by Khawarij al-Shabab in the capital and many other cities have been reduced. 10- The security forces have thwarted a planned bombing attack that Al-Shabaab was planning to carry out at Beerta Nabadda business centre in Mogadishu, and arrested the men who planned the attacks and explosions. 11- The security of Bakara Market in Mogadishu has improved significantly after the Somali Armed Forces managed to eliminate most of the Kharijites Al Shabab from the market. 12- The Federal Government of Somalia this week brought back 230 citizens who were stuck in the war-torn Sudan. Evacuation operations are still going smoothly. 13- The National Disaster Management Agency (SODMA) has shared warnings and advice with the Somali people to be aware of the dangers that may arise from floods and rains caused by the spring rains in parts of the country. 14- The Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education of the Federal Government of Somalia has announced that on May 27, 2023, the national high school exam will be held in the country. 15- Reports of flooding caused by Shabelle River in parts of Beled Weyne town in Hiran region of Hir Shabelle State. 16- The Somali National Army and the local forces have taken over some areas in Harardhere in Mudug Region from the Kharijites Al Shabab. 17- The Commander of the Somali Custodial Corps, General, Mahad Abdirahman Adan said that soldiers who use narcotics will be dismissed from the army. 18- The Commander of the Somali National Army, General Odawaa Yusuf Rage said that in the recent military operation in El-Qaboobe area of Harardere District, foreign militiamen were killed and some were taken alive. 19- The Somali National Army local forces in Ceel Dheer district of Galgudud region have captured three Al Shabab leaders namely: Shire Abdi Mohamed, Ali Abgalow and Mohamud Alasow.

Source: Somali National News Agency

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