Dundas Dashboard Version 5.0 Released: Big Data and Mobile Interactivity

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – Oct 4, 2013) – Dundas Data Visualization (http://www.dundas.com/), a leading provider of custom dashboard software and services, announces today the latest release of their platform, Dundas Dashboard Version 5.0. In addition to a number of new capabilities, this release features support for big data sources. By putting big data in front of business users, Dundas helps organizations to realize ROI from their data investments.

Dundas Dashboard Version 5.0 also adds several industry-first improvements, like advanced usage tracking, an interactive HTML5 mobile interface, wide support for MapReduce technologies, and more.

“Constant innovation is a founding principle of Dundas, and this is reflected in our software,” said Mariana Stoica-Constantin, VP of Research and Development at Dundas. “Customer feedback and new technologies drive many of our innovations. Version 5.0 and Big Data support is just the latest example. We are committed to providing tools and services that help organizations make better decisions from their data, whether that data comes from an OLAP cube, relational database, or Hadoop cluster.”

New Capabilities of Dundas Dashboard Version 5.0 include:

Big Data connectivity and support

– Added support for Amazon Redshift, Apache Hive, Microsoft PDW, and more

Improved report scheduling

– Choose a report, set a schedule, export format, and mailing list, and Dundas Dashboard will email your users with important updates

Quicker access to data

– Avoid the need for drill-downs and pop-ups by swapping metrics on your visualizations with a single click

– Add interactive tiles on your mobile home screen to give users the data they need at a glance

Radar Charts

– Enables you to quickly visualize symmetry of values

– Area, Line, Range and Stacked Area radar charts are included

Mobile / HTML5 improvements

– Create advanced HTML5-based scorecards for mobile devices with our small multiples control

Custom views for printing and exporting

– Customize your dashboards and reports for better printing and export results (including print-to-PDF and PowerPoint)

Measure your ROI

– Track user adoption of your dashboards and reports, so you can measure the value of your investment

Dundas will be hosting a live demonstration on Version 5.0 on October 16 at 1pm EST. More details on the webinar can be found at http://www.dundas.com/version-5-webinar/.

For more information on Dundas Dashboard Version 5.0 visit http://www.dundas.com/dashboard/version-5/.

About Dundas Data Visualization

Dundas Data Visualization is a world leader in data visualization and dashboard solutions. Their goal is to provide the best possible data visualization software and services to address the growing need for data-driven decisions in modern business. In addition to developing enterprise-level dashboard software, they offer a professional services group that provides comprehensive dashboard consulting, product enhancement and training.

For more information visit http://www.dundas.com/.

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