Dr. Rongxiang Xu: Mankind Is Entering New Era of Applied Organ Regeneration Science

– A Declaration Delivered by Dr. Xu in a Landmark Speech on Organ Regeneration Science  During his International Golden Biatec 2013 Award Acceptance Ceremony

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29, 2013 / PRNewswire — Dr. Rongxiang Xu received the Golden Biatec 2013 International award from the Informal Economic Forum (IEF) Economic Club on October 24, 2013 during a special ceremony where he delivered an in-depth presentation on how to initiate the human body’s PRC regenerative life and the kickoff of the era of applied organ regeneration science. Dr. Xu further identified that organ regeneration science offers the guarantee of health and is the highest ideal in basic and applied studies in human life science. Dr. Xu was the only international Laureate for this year’s International Golden Biatec Award and was recognized for his invention of “the scientific route and solution for human organ regeneration and life extension.”

The International Golden Biatec Award is a prestigious European prize granted to international personalities who have made great contribution to international society. In the past, the Award has been given to Russian President Vladimir Putin, former U.S. President George W. Bush, former President of France Jacques Chirac, 1996 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. M. Yunus, and other international leaders. The Award to Dr. Xu indicates “Applied Organ Regeneration Science” has become a top priority in the pursuit of healing and extending life for mankind. During his presentation, titled “Initiate Your Body’s PRC Regenerative Life,” Dr. Xu addressed in detail the coming of the era for application of human organ regeneration science.

During the Award ceremony, Dr. Xu began his discussion by providing an overview about the scientific missions announced by four former and present U.S. Presidents, Dr. Rongxiang Xu talked about the importance of entering the era for application of human organ regeneration science. He stated that: former U.S. President Nixon made a commitment in 1971 to use genes to conquer cancer. That quest was not ended until March 21, 2013, after dozens of years of study and validation, Professor Watson, the “father of gene,” announced that gene therapy study is of no value which many view as the end of the gene application era. As early as 1988, the Chinese government began to promote Dr. Xu’s skin organ regeneration technology by approving and popularizing his regenerative technology and therapy for burns (MEBT/MEBO) as the national new drug on the list of great national scientific and technological achievements.

In 1990, then-U.S. President George H. W. Bush recognized Dr. Rongxiang Xu’s burn skin organ regeneration technology and requested the introduction of the technology into the U.S. In 2008, President George W. Bush incorporated the study route “converting somatic cells into embryonic stem cells” into the U.S. policy to avoid the ethical issues of harvesting stem cells from an embryo. This route is Dr. Xu’s patented scientific route “somatic cells convert into stem cells and then regenerate physiological tissues and organs.”

According to Dr. Xu, some scientists who failed to create real stem cells have labeled fake pluripotent stem cells as genuine pluripotent stem cells, therefore creating fraudulent conduct and misleading information which ruined the era of embryonic stem cell study first initiated under the Bush administration due to the false object used in so called stem cell study. This year, U.S. President Barack Obama encouraged the study of “damaged organ regeneration” drugs, which is also the organ regeneration science route patented by Dr. Rongxiang Xu. President Obama did bring the direction of American life science development up to the era for application of organ regeneration science. Two years ago, in the University of Southern California (USC), USA, the Institute of Applied Science for Human Regeneration and Rejuvenation (IASHRR) was founded to initiate in advance the higher education of human organ regeneration science. Among Xu’s organ regeneration technologies, the applied technology for skin organ regeneration has already been used in 73 countries for 25 years.

During his speech, Dr. Xu spent time on reporting his scientific invention and validation of the innate human regenerative life entity – PRC cell and its function. The contents expand from obtaining the result of skin organ regeneration before 1984, to deciphering the process of in situ skin organ regeneration, eventually to the accomplishment of in situ regenerative restoration and rejuvenation of all organs of the human body. He completely demonstrated the function of human body’s PRC regenerative life by in vitro and in vivo experiments and validations for PRCs to convert into stem cells and then form tissues and organs. Organs in the human body can achieve their own regenerative restoration and rejuvenation via their innate PRC regenerative function. As long as the natural nutritional composition specific for awakening and nourishing PRC to exert regenerative function is added to the daily diet, the human body can achieve organs’ regenerative restoration and rejuvenation on its own.

In the presentation, Dr. Xu shared plenty of results of the human body using its own PRCs to achieve organs’ regenerative restoration and rejuvenation. Surface wounds of the body can heal by regenerating skin tissues and organ in situ. Organs inside the human body can also achieve regenerative restoration and rejuvenation by initiating its own PRC regenerative life. For example, a person at the age of 40-50 looks 5 years younger than the actual age after 4 years’ regeneration; a person at the age of 50-60 looks 6 years younger than the actual age after 5 years’ regeneration; a person at the age of 60-70 looks 7 years younger than the actual age after 6 years’ regeneration; a person at the age of 70-80 looks 12 years younger than the actual age after 6 years’ regeneration; a person at the age of 80-100 looks 14 years younger than the actual age after 7 years’ regeneration. He also disclosed the mechanism of regenerative anti-cancer approach and cancer prevention (in 2003, Xu was invited by U.S. party leader Mr. Anthony Bucco to give a lecture entitled “regenerative anti-cancer” for the anti-cancer experts of east coast area; in 2004, Xu elucidated the mechanism of anti-cancer approach in his invited lecture in Stanford University. Both lectures resonated with the experts). Dr. Xu called on the world anti-cancer forces to unite together for fast validation of this approach and salvation of cancer patients.

In Dr. Xu’s view, if the life of the human body’s own PRC is initiated, then human diseases incurable by medicine will remarkably decrease, and mankind will enjoy an unexpected happier and healthier life. The energy of the human body will enhance unprecedentedly and human lifespan will be extended significantly. The fortune created by human beings will be unprecedentedly immeasurable. The world of human regenerative life will come into reality naturally.

In order to benefit people worldwide with his invention and creation, Dr. Xu is calling on the leaders of all countries to validate and utilize his life-saving technologies as soon as possible for the good of their nations. Dr. Xu has also called on relevant scientists and affected interest groups in the organ regeneration science era to join the trend of boosting organ regeneration science, if they have no better technology than organ regeneration science and would like to apply organ regeneration science to stay healthy and increase longevity. Following the principle of the international law to implement “life-saving technologies,” Dr. Xu offered to give the United Nations his invention and creation for distributing to all national governments to benefit their people. Dr. Xu’s goal is to work together with all national governments to accomplish the mission of enabling people worldwide to enjoy regenerative life.

About Dr. Rongxiang Xu:

Dr. Rongxiang Xu is the inventor and founder of “Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science” (HBRRS) and the patentee of damaged organ regeneration scientific route- a top priority claimed in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union, the inventor of patent technological route that human somatic cells convert into pluripotent stem cells and regenerate physiological tissues and organs, as well as the inventor of Potential Regenerative Cell (PRC) patent.

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Image with caption: “Co-Chairmen of the Awarding Ceremony of Golden Biatec 2013: Mihok Peter, the chair of the World Chambers Federation (right), Peter Kasalovsky, the chairman of the Informal Economic Forum Economic Club Association, 1993 – 2013 (centre), Jan Gabriel, the chair of the committee of the IEF EC (left).” Image available at: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20131029/LA05947-d

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