Dr. Rongxiang Xu Is Awarded with the International Golden Biatec 2013 for the Invention of “Human Organ Regeneration Science”

– Dr. Xu Joins the ranks of previous winners including Former U.S. President George W. Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Former French President Jacques Chirac

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 17, 2013 / PRNewswire – Dr. Rongxiang Xu has been named as a recipient of the highly coveted Golden Biatec 2013 international award by the Informal Economic Forum (IEF) Economic Club located in Slovakia in Europe for his invention of “the scientific route and solution for human organ regeneration and life extension”. The Golden Biatec recognizes exceptional contribution to economic, public, and political life in the Slovak Republic and internationally. The prize is awarded annually by the IEF to approximately seven recipients who are leaders in their country for their contribution to “peace and development in relations between the nations and their states,” and to those who have made the most contribution to the well-being of the world population.

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Rongxiang%20Xu%2C%202013%20Golden%20Biatec%20Award%20Winner%20for%20Organ%20Regeneration%20Science. Dr. Rongxiang Xu Is Awarded with the International Golden Biatec 2013 for the Invention of Human Organ Regeneration Science

Rongxiang Xu, 2013 Golden Biatec Award Winner for Organ Regeneration Science.

The Economic Club based their nomination of Dr. Xu on their recognition for his research and contribution to inventing the scientific route and solution for regeneration of damaged human organs and prolonging human lives. The nomination letter stated: “We would like to show our recognition and appreciation for your contribution to finding a solution for the regeneration of human organs. The information regarding your unique patent is game-changing not only in biology, but also in general science.”

Previous prominent international laureates of the Golden Biatec annual award includes: former U.S. President G.W. Bush, Russian President V. Putin, former French President J. Chirac, former German Chancellor H. Kohl, President of the European Commission J. Santer, founder and President of the World Economic Forum Prof. K. Schwab, former President of the World Bank J. D. Wolfensohn, former Polish President A. Kvasniewski, 1996 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. M. Yunus. As for the domestic laureates, the first laureate was the first president of the Slovak Republic, M. Kovac. Cardinal Jan Chryzostom Korec was also granted with Golden Biatec and honorary club rights.

The Economic Club announced the award presentation ceremony will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia on October. 24, 2013 (2:30pm central Europe Time, 8:30am U.S. Eastern Time) with worldwide online streaming access (http://www.telepresence.sk/,http://www.telepresence.sk/portal/event/detail/event/17/) . The live ceremony will include a one-hour speech by Dr. Xu addressing organ regeneration science to tell the world that a type of cells having regenerative potential exist in human organs, which can be awakened to regenerate the organ’s own cells by which to cure the damage and disease of the organ, as well as to prolong the life of the organ, a new innovative life science development in human health history.

About Dr. Rongxiang Xu:

Dr. Rongxiang Xu is the inventor and founder of “Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science” (HBRRS) and the patentee of damaged organ regeneration scientific route- a top priority claimed in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union, the inventor of patent technological route that human somatic cells convert into pluripotent stem cells and regenerate physiological tissues and organs, as well as the inventor of Potential Regenerative Cell (PRC) patent.

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