Canton Fair Introduces New Global Resource for Its Partners – The Media Resource Exchange Program (MREP)

GUANGZHOU, China, May 16, 2014 / PRNewswire — The timely exchange of information between the organizers of any trade exhibition and their trade partners, buyers, and sellers alike has long played an important role in promoting trade links between business people. The Canton Fair is no different and this year, for the 115th Canton Fair the organizers rolled out the MREP with significant success. Deals to the value of over USD110,000 were facilitated by use of the MREP system.

What is the MREP? It is a media platform which can link over 210,000 global buyers directly to over 24,000 Chinese suppliers and the wider Chinese market. This is a platform that can really make a difference to any enterprise doing business at the Canton Fair, whether buying or selling.

Currently, there are 15 trade and business organizations from around the world who are actively working with the MREP program, ranging from the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce to Orbit Business Tours in India to the Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce to the Canada-China Entrepreneurs Alliance Association.

Any organization which signs up for MREP, apart from receiving VIP treatment for up to 3 people from the organization, will benefit from speedy registration, use of the VIP lounge, and lunch and drinks coupons as well as help from the organizers in facilitating trade introductions. They also receive access to the resources of the Canton Fair’s exhibitor catalogue, free advertising on the Canton Fair website’s secondary pages, and inclusion in the Canton Fair Bulletin. In addition, the organizers will provide a trade matchmaking service to make meeting traders of interest even easier. Other means of service are also open to discussion.

The exhibitor catalogue is published three times during each session of the Canton Fair, one edition for each phase and the total distribution reaches over 100,000 exhibitors and partners. The bulletin is issued once and has a distribution of 50,000 and is filled with useful information from the Ministry of Commerce on trade policy in addition to messages from local trade officials located throughout China.

The organizers are looking forward to receiving many more applications for MREP and to welcoming friends, new and old to the 116th Canton Fair in October this year.

To join the MREP and for further information please visit:

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