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MOGADISHU, The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said that it plans to launch a road safety sensitisation campaign in the Horn of Africa nation targeting various road users.

Christine Alalo, Acting AMISOM Police Commissioner, also said the AU mission will also intensify training of traffic police officers in Mogadishu and the federal states on managing road traffic which is on the increase in major towns.

Alalo noted in a statement issued in Mogadishu that the traffic police officers will play a major role in the sensitisation campaign both at the federal and state levels.

"Depending on funding, we intend to extend this training to every traffic police officer in Mogadishu and the federal member states," Alalo said while closing a 10-day training organised for 25 traffic police officers, drawn from various police stations in the city.

Alalo said the objective of the training was to address the traffic challenges currently faced due to increased number of vehicles and other modes of transport on the city's roads.

"When you see so many vehicles; Bajajs (motorcycle cabs) and donkeys in the town, it comes with challenges and the challenge is the indiscipline on the road," she added.

Alalo urged the officers to work closely with community members to not only help in strengthening the rule of law but also promoting peace and security.

Bashir Abdi Mohamed Somali, Police Force Commissioner said the training will help the officers in enforcing traffic rules.

It is expected that the training will enable the officers enforce traffic laws to curb indiscipline on roads and also minimise accidents.

The training came at a time when the capital city is experiencing increased traffic on its roads partly due to improved security.

Source: Nam News Network