An Al-Shabaab leader dies of injuries after getting wounded in the borders of the two Shabelle

Mogadishu, Mohamed Hassan Omar, known to the Khawarij as Abu Abdirahman, was one of the most senior leaders of the Khawarij Al-Shabaab was injured a month ago in an operation carried out by the National Forces on the border between the two Shabelle and the Khawarij took him to the city of Jilib in the Middle Jubba region where he died due to lack of medical care and serious injuries.

The Khawarij were hiding this leader in a houses owned by civilians and they forced him, and they managed to get him medical services because he had a serious injury.

He was the highest leader of Khawarij in Banadir region who was in charge of hurting the people. He also became the head of the Youth Misdirection Department and was responsible for recruiting a lot of young people.

He is the second high-ranking Khawarij leader to be killed in two months, as government forces vowed to continue their hunt for top Khawarij leaders.

The government of Somalia, with the help of its international friends are seeking justice for the Somali people against the Khawarij criminals who are harming the Somali people.

Source: Somali National News Agency

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