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AMISOM Kenyan contingent supports women groups in Dhobley

Dhobley, As Somalia recovers from decades of civil war, there is a need to create opportunities that enable women to participate meaningfully in economic development through income generation activities.

Female soldiers from the Kenyan contingent under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) were in unison when they donated equipment to support livelihood improvements of women in Dhobley town, located in Lower Jubba region of Somalia.

They included gardening, hairdressing, and tailoring equipment ranging from wheelbarrows, rakes, spades, gloves, hair driers, and sewing machines.

The Commander of the AMISOM Kenyan contingent, Brig. Gen. Dickson Ruto, said the donations were part of efforts partner and build good relations with women groups under the 'female engagement initiative'. He said six women group would benefit from the donation.

The Administrator for Dhobley, Siyad Mohamed, thanked the AMISOM Kenyan contingent for going beyond their mandate of fighting terrorists groups, to supporting local development initiatives.

Lt. Mwanaisha Mahu, the AMISOM Gender Officer, who manages the 'female engagement project', noted the donation was in response to identified needs presented by the women groups. We first met with the women groups to understand their needs and how we could support them, Lt. Mahu said.

Source: African Union Mission in Somalia