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Al-Shabab Attacks Military Base in Somalia

Somali officials and residents have confirmed that Somali government forces and Ethiopian troops have driven Al-Shabab out of Halgan village after a massive attack early on Thursday.

Chairman of the village Guhad Abdi Warsame told VOA that “dozens” of militants were killed.

Residents said a suicide car bomb first exploded outside the main entrance of an Ethiopian base in the village, which is about 260 kilometers north of Mogadishu. That was followed by attacks by heavily armed militants.

The village chairman said the militants launched two attacks, the main one targeted the Ethiopian base housing part of the African Union’s AMISOM force, while the second targeted a Somali government base. Warsame said troops in both bases fought off the attacks and forced the militants to retreat. He said militants launched a second attack but that was repulsed too.

Residents have confirmed Ethiopian and government troops are in control of the village.

Al-Shabab’s official radio, Andalus, had claimed they killed 43 Ethiopian troops in the attack and destroyed the base.

Suicide car bombs coupled with forceful storming of bases has been the hallmark of Al-Shabab raids against heavily fortified AU military bases in Somalia since last year.

Since June of last year, Al-Shabab has attacked and overtaken three main AMISOM military bases killing 54 Burundian soldiers in Leego town, 19 Ugandans in Jannaale and more than 100 Kenyans in El-Adde.




Source: Voice of America