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Airport and airline officials said the plane turned around in mid-air due to an engine fire.

Dakar(SONNA)- An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767 on route from Dakar, Senegal to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia returned to Dakar airport shortly after takeoff after its pilot discovered that one of the plane's engines had caught fire, Dakar Airport spokesperson Tidiane Tamba has told AFP.

Thanks to the timely mid-air manoeuvre, none of the estimated 90 passengers or crew onboard were harmed.

Ethiopian Airlines later confirmed via Twitter that one of its aircraft had returned to the Senegal airport "due to a technical problem." The airline stressed that everyone onboard was safe.

Unverified photos reportedly taken at the Dakar airport showed the airliner's wing being doused by firefighting foam as the plane stood on the runway.

Tweet reads: "#Africa: An #EthiopianAirlines #Boeing 767 made an emergency landing this morning shortly after taking off from the #Dakar airport in Senegal. The incident was caused by a a fire starting on one of its engines. The plane was set to head to Addis Ababa with a stop-over in #Bamako [Mali]."

The fire was thought to have started on the plane's right engine five minutes after takeoff.

Source: Somali National News Agency