Africans Urged to Strengthen Unity to Fight Internal, External Challenges

Africans needs to be united in order to effectively fight the internal and external challenges that the continent is facing, State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Misganu Arga underscored.

African Day panel discussion organized by the African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX) is underway in Addis Ababa.

The event is organized in connection with the OAU-AU 60th anniversary.

Speaking at the occasion, Foreign Affairs State Minister said our brave forefathers came together to realize African vision by establishing this organization in Addis Ababa.

He recalled that our visionary leaders Julius Nirerie, Nkuwame Nkrumah and Emperor Haile Selassie among others defended the sovereignty of the continent with the spirit of pan Africanism.

Ambassador Misganu said as we celebrate the anniversary of OAU-AU, we need to renew our commitment to ensure prosperous and united Africa by changing the dark history of poverty.

He explained that significant achievement has been registered in the continent despite multifaceted challenges.

For instance, the AFCFTA is one of the flagship project that aimed at realizing prosperous continent, he said adding that we need to invest on infrastructure to allow free movement of the people.

Ethiopia continues to advocate the vision of Africa we want, he said.

AFLEX Chief of Academy, Mehret Debebe on his part said we need to work together to realize what our continent deserves.

African ambassadors, academician, and other invited guests are attending the panel discussion.

The African Union Commission (AUC) is celebrating the historical commemoration of the OAU-AU 60th anniversary under the slogan of “Our Africa Our Future”.

The objective of the celebration is to raise awareness around the Pan African ideals of the OAU Founding Members as well as educate the population on the history of Africa, while shaping the narrative and journey of the continent towards achieving its socio-economic and political development for “ The Africa We Want ”.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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