49 Al-Shabaab terrorists killed and a number of others wounded in a planned operations

MOGADISHU, As many as 49 members of the Khawarij Al-Shabaab were killed and a number of them were injured in a planned operation and attack by the special forces of the National Security and Intelligence Agency, the National Armed Forces and international partners which was carried out in Buulo Madino area in the Lower Shabelle region.

The operation which was a target took place as planned and destroyed all the war vehicles and the arms store that the Khawarij Al-Shabaab had in that area.

The Kharijites who were killed in Bulo Madina area were preparing conspiracies to cause damage to the Somali people, but they were thwarted and defeated by the Intelligence agency and National Forces.

The government of Somalia is grateful to all the people who are part of the war to liberate the country from the Khawarij and grateful to all that stand by the armed forces of the country.

Source: Somali National News Agency