Month: August 2019


Campaign for participation of Somali women in electoral process gets underway

Mogadishu, Somali media practitioners and human rights activists have agreed to conduct nation-wide public awareness campaigns on women participatio…

Business Business & Finance

Tracking development assistance for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health in conflict-affected countries


Background Little is known about the patterns of development assistance (DA) for each component of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and …


Ethiopia Introducing Comprehensive Measures to Augment Forex Shortage

Addis Ababa Ethiopia is working on comprehensive economic reforms to address the shortage of foreign exchange which is putting heavy stress on the countr…

Arabic JA Resorts & Hotels JA منتجعات وفنادق Press Release

‫جا ذا ريزور، دبي يعاد افتتاحه كمنتجع الخبرة ذو الإقامة الكاملة

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة،  30 أغسطس 2019/ PRNewswire– يقع منتجع JA The Resort، أحد أكبر المنتجعات التي تتمتع بخبرة عريقة في مجال السياحة في د

Arabic CleverTap Press Release

‫كليفر تاب وفيتشر تدشنان إطار عمل لتحسين مشاركة العملاء والمحافظة عليهم

يوفر إطار العمل الذي محوره الإقرار والفائدة والتحويل (AIC) للعلامات التجارية الاستهلاكية رؤى مستفيضة لزيادة القيمة الدائمة للعميل 

ماونتن فيو، كال


World Vision Somalia: Situation Report | July 1 – June 31, 2019

Key messages

Overall situation: World Vision continued to provide multi-sectoral assistance to people affected by the crises in Somalia and strengthen…


Somalia Rainfall Outlook for Deyr 2019 – Issued: 29 August 2019

Enhanced rains expected in most parts of Somalia during the Deyr 2019

The Deyr rains are usually shorter and less in quantity than the Gu rains. However, the…

Legal & Judicial

Somali FM meets his Japanese counterpart in Yokohama Japan

Yokohama( SONNA), Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, His Excellency Amb. Ahmed Isse Awad, met on the sidelines of the 7th Sessio…

Revenues Minister Urges Federal, Regional States to Integrate Efforts in Tax Collection

Addis Ababa-Minister of Revenues Adanech Abeebee has called on federal and regional states to integrate their efforts to create strong tax collection ca…


AfDB Committed to supporting Degraded Land Restoration in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa African Development Bank (AfDB) expressed its commitment to support the efforts being made by Ethiopia to restore its degraded land.

James Ki…