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Day: June 2, 2019

Arabic Press Release

‫ASA Ventures والمجموعة الدولية لاستشارات بلوكتشين (IBC) تدعمان الاستثمار في العقارات الفخمة في الإمارات والبرتغال عبر طرح عملة الصكوك الرمزية “Gallery Sukuk”

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة،2 يونيو/ حزيران 2019 /PRNewswire/ — انضمت شركة ASA Ventures، الكائنة في دبي والتي تستثمر في رأس المال ، إلى المجموعة الدولية لاستشارات بلوكتشين المحدودة (IBC Group) التي تستثمر في تقنية سجل المعاملات العمومي “بلوكتشين” بغرض طرح عملة الصكوك الرمزية (Gallery STO) التي تقوم بتسويقها شركة GST Offering Group المقرر تسجيلها قريبًا […]

Fun & Games

Zimbabwe Businesses Drop Local Currency for US Dollars

HARARE, ZIMBABWE As Zimbabwe’s economy struggles and the country faces scarce fuel supplies, some businesses are refusing to accept the ever-weakening local currency, insisting on doing business in U.S. dollars.One reason is that the local currency, kn…

Science & Technology

Thousands Defy Police in Cameroon, Demanding Kamto’s Release

YAOUNDE At least 73 people have been arrested in demonstrations in Cameroon as thousands of supporters of Maurice Kamto, the man who says he won the October 7 presidential election, have defied a heavy police presence and are staging protests in severa…


Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 31 May 2019

Key figures:24.1 M people in need3.65 M displaced since March 2015More than 80 per cent have been displaced more than a year1.28 M IDP returnees265,440 refugees9,746 asylum seekersFundingUSD 198.6 M required for 2019 operationsUSD 70.1 M received as of…


Famed New Orleans Chef Leah Chase Dies at 96

Legendary New Orleans chef and civil rights icon Leah Chase has died. She was 96.Her family released a statement Saturday saying the “unwavering advocate for civil liberties” and “believer in the Spirit of New Orleans” had died.Chase put the Dooky Ch…