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Month: March 2018


Fire Breaks Out at Aid Facility in Yemen

A massive fire was reported Saturday at a World Food Program facility in Yemen, in the Red Sea port city of Hodeida.Yemen’s official news agency quoted a Yemeni official as saying the fire had severely damaged humanitarian aid held at the outpost. The …

Science & Technology


ORAN, Algeria, Chinese oil and gas enterprises show great interest in investing in Algeria, at the just-concluded North Africa Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (NAPEC).As many as 40 Chinese companies took part in this year’s event, said Zoe Zuo, gener…

Arabic General

‫جي أي سي موتور تخلق انطباعا أولا رائعا في معرض الرابطة الوطنية لوكلاء السيارات في أميركا الشمالية لتحفيز شركائها من وكلاء السيارات في أميركا الشمالية عبر تجمع ناجح معهم

لاس فيغاس، 30 آذار/مارس، 2018 / بي آر نيوزواير / — حققت شركة جي أيه سي، صانعة السيارات الأسرع نموا في الصين، انطباعا أولا رائعا لدى وكلاء السيارات في أميركا الشمالية بعرضها الأول الناجح في معرض الرابطة الوطنية لوكلاء السيارات. وعرضت الشركة خط منتجاتها البارز لأفضل سياراتها مبيعا، فضلا عن عقد تجمع لوكلاء السيارات لكسب […]

Arabic General

رابطة المقاتلين المحترفين تعلن عن صفقة مع مارك بيرنيت وتلفزيون أم جي أم

الرابطة تعين مارك بيرنيت عضوا في المجلس الاستشاري واشنطن، 30 آذار/مارس، 2018 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت رابطة المحاربين المحترفين، وهي الرابطة العالمية الرئيسية  الوحيدة للفنون القتالية المختلطة، اليوم أنها ستتشارك مع مارك بيرنيت، رئيس مجموعة تلفزيون أم جي أم والرقمية وتلفزيون أم جي أم لتطوير وإنتاج محتوى وبرامج جديدة لموسم الرابطة الجديد. […]

Arabic Domestic Affairs

‫شركة أيرتشاينا المحدودة تعلن عن نتائجها السنوية للعام 2017

الشركة تحسن تنافسيتها الأساسية وتحقق أرباحا رائعة هونكونغ، 30 آذار/مارس، 2018 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت شركة أيرتشاينا المحدودة (“أيرتشاينا” أو “الشركة”، إلى جانب الشركات الفرعية التابعة لها، والمشار إليها بصورة جمعية باسم “المجموعة”) (HKEX: 00753; LSE: AIRC; SSE: 601111:  ة ADR OTC: AIRYY)، اليوم نتائجها السنوية للأشهر الـ 12 المنتهية في 31 […]


GAC Motor Makes Great First Impression at NADA to Inspire North American Dealer Partners with Successful Dealer Gathering

LAS VEGAS, March 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — GAC Motor, China’s fastest-growing automaker, made a strong first impression with North American auto dealers with a successful debut at the National Automobile Dealers Association Show (NADA). The company showcased a star lineup of best-selling vehicles and held a dealer gathering to attract solid dealer interest for the […]


South Sudan Dispute With Mobile Firm Disrupts Service

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN, Hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese remained without mobile phone service Friday, as network operator Vivacell continued a standoff with the government over a licensing dispute.

The government cut the network’s signal to its roughly 900,000 subscribers just after midnight Tuesday, alleging that Vivacell owed tens of millions of dollars in licensing fees.

The government’s information minister, Michael Makuei, told VOA earlier this week that Vivacell previously had been exempted from taxes and licensing fees. “We want them to pay a sum of up to $66 million for their license, and up to now they are dragging their feet,” he said.

The licensing fee dispute underscores the mounting financial pressures facing the government in a country ravaged by civil war since late 2013.

Ruling party holds Vivacell stake

Pagan Amum � the former secretary general of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), the country’s ruling party � said Vivacell already pays for a valid license it has held for years. “There is no way Vivacell can be required to pay for another license,” he told VOA’s “South Sudan in Focus” radio program on Thursday.

Amum said that, as secretary general, he had helped negotiate the original deal with Lebanon’s Fattouch Investment Group � Vivacell’s majority owner � giving the SPLM party a minority share in the telecom firm.

Vivacell has operated in South Sudan since 2008 under a license issued to the SPLM, Amum said. He added that, since 2012, the ruling SPLM has received $100,000 a month from Vivacell for licensing fees.

Vivacell officials went to Makuei’s office earlier this week in an attempt to negotiate, but he refused a meeting, the firm’s managing director, Jesus Antonio Ortiz Olivo, told Reuters on Wednesday.

Makuei, in media interviews this week, has expressed a desire “to reorganize the telecommunications sector.”

Low cellphone penetration rate

Mobile phone subscription rates have been falling in South Sudan, and telecom-sector operators “are placing themselves in survival mode and are hoping for a political settlement and a return to some degree of social stability,” the telecommunications research site BuddeComm reported in February.

BuddeCom said South Sudan has one of Africa’s lowest rates of cellphone penetration, at 21 percent, noting that recovery could bring “potentially many years of strong growth” to the sector.

South Sudan’s regulatory Communications Authority estimates the country’s entire telecom market � also served by South Africa’s MTN and Kuwait’s Zain � has fewer than 3 million subscribers, according to Reuters.

Complications for customers, clients

On Wednesday in the capital city, Juba, long lines formed at mobile phone stores where people waited to buy new subscriber identification module (SIM) cards from Vivacell competitors.

Vivacell subscriber Ever Fanusto said the sudden shutdown cut her off from friends and relatives, including those living overseas.

“I used to call my elder brother who is in America and now we have been disconnected with him,” Fanusto said. She added that it would be a challenge to retrieve her contacts’ information and load it onto a new SIM card.

In a notice published Wednesday, Vivacell informed its subscribers that the company was working with national authorities to resolve the matter and that it hoped to resume business soon in South Sudan. Otherwise, the company said it would set up “a clear mechanism” for reimbursing dealers, retailers and agents for their SIM card stocks.

Source: Voice of America


Could Enemies Target Undersea Cables That Link the World?

WASHINGTON, Russian ships are skulking around underwater communications cables, causing the U.S. and its allies to worry the Kremlin might be taking information warfare to new depths.Is Moscow interested in cutting or tapping the cables? Does it want …


Professional Fighters League Announces Deal With Mark Burnett And MGM Television

PFL Appoints Mark Burnett to Advisory Board WASHINGTON, March 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Professional Fighters League (PFL), the world’s only major mixed martial arts league, announced today that they are partnering with Mark Burnett, President of MGM Television Group & Digital and MGM Television to develop and produce new content and programming for PFL’s […]

Arabic General

إيكوافاكس تعين مارك بيغور رئيسا تنفيذيا لها

أتلانتا، 29 آذار/مارس، 2018 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت شركة إيكوافاكس (بورصة نيويورك: EFX) أن مجلس مدرائها أنهت عملية البحث عن رئيس تنفيذي كان أعلن عنها سابقا وعينت مارك بيغور رئيسا تنفيذيا لها، بدءا بيوم 16 نيسان/أبريل. وسيصبح السيد بيغور عضوا في مجلس مدراء الشركة أيضا. وقال مارك أل فيدلير، رئيس مجلس إدارة […]